Y-Radio 1.0.7 released

Released a small update to Y-Radio a couple of days ago, version 1.0.7. This release makes the song information a bit more compact, using Sailfish UI standard components where the Artist and title is side-by-side. There is now also a context menu from song items, for now the only operation is search on google. More functionality is planned. Unfortunately I haven't had time to dig into the YLE Program API yet to get program information back, but that will come.

The update is available in the Jolla store and in OpenRepos.


TalOrg is getting a facelift

Yep, we are finally working on a new look and merging of subsites into one. Old software projects are still available on the maemo.tal.org page, but we are working on adding them to the new site under Projects.
Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.