Release early, release often, right ? Anyway, a small update that fixes a possible crash on Equalizer changes, proper SID title and some other minor fixes should soon be available.

A update to RetroPlayer is now available on BlackBerry World. This updates fixes audio routing so that playback to bluetooth devices works as intended. It also adds a basic favorites feature for quick access to your favorite tunes (a proper playlist system is planned for future versions). And last also equalizer support! Should be available in a couple of days.

With RetroPlayer you can listen to classic computer tunes from the 1980's & 1990's, including Commdore 64 music, Atari XL and Amiga & PC tracker modules. The first version is now available for download in BlackBerry World.

Also a quick bug fix release was just submitted for review. It fixes the missing next/prev functionality for Atari files and also enables all supported Atari music formats. Should be available soon I hope.

Onki 1.0.4 FM Input

Two Onki releases ? Yes, that is right.

1.0.3 brings improvements to support for digital tuners, quick access to tuner presets, more keypad features, keyboard shortcuts (qwer) to Zone views and keypad view. The digital tuner features are unfortunately not tested as DAB is not available here (and devices we have access to don't support it anyway). 1.0.3 is also the last version to support 10.2 OS versions. The update is available on BlackBerry World.


It first started as a simple test on how to use Qt audio output, then SID playback and finally SID playback using QSA. And the it got tracker module playback support. And Atari music files.

And then it became appararent that it wanted to be a music application for playing various retro music formats. So, coming soon: RetroPlayer for BB10!

I was in a need for a simple, easy to use C/C++ library to access a character LCD screen connected with i2c. The LiquidCrystal library for the Arduino was just what I was looking for. It just needed a bit of porting to use Linux i2c device nodes. This was over a year ago, but I finally got inspired to clean it up and remove usage of wiringPi. Preliminary version (with hardcoded /dev/i2c-1 device path) is now available on github.

Preliminary versions of Onki & Y-Radio for the Jolla Tablet has been submitted to Harbour QA. Preliminary as they have not received any tablet format optimizations yet. Also, as devices are not shipping yet, we have only been able to test in the SDK emulator.

The current version of Y-Radio broke with the Sailfish OS 2.0 update. A fix release has been submitted to Harbour QA and is also available now on OpenRepos and now requires Sailfish OS 2.0.

The reason, a bug in glib related to rtsp URLs prevents rtspsrc from working properly and the fix didn't get into

A minor update to Sailfish OS version of Onki was released today and is now available from both the Jolla store and Openrepos. Changes in this version are pretty minor, some internal adjustments to library changes and support for seeking if supported by the current input (Network and USB mainly).

A version of Y-Radio will soon come to BlackBerry 10 devices. This first version is pretty simple but does what it is supposed to do, play a radio stream. All publicly available YLE Radio streams Yle Radio 1, Yle X3M, YleX, Klassinen, Yle Radio Suomi, Yle Radio Vega, Sámi, Puhe and Elävä arkisto are available in high quality. It also integrates with the "Now Playing" media interface of BB10 so you can control play/pause with the media keys.