Onki 1.0.4 FM Input

Two Onki releases ? Yes, that is right.

1.0.3 brings improvements to support for digital tuners, quick access to tuner presets, more keypad features, keyboard shortcuts (qwer) to Zone views and keypad view. The digital tuner features are unfortunately not tested as DAB is not available here (and devices we have access to don't support it anyway). 1.0.3 is also the last version to support 10.2 OS versions. The update is available on BlackBerry World.

1.0.4 requires OS 10.3.1 or later and brings mostly some minor cosmetic UI improvments. The update is now also available on BlackBerry World.

Preliminary versions of Onki & Y-Radio for the Jolla Tablet has been submitted to Harbour QA. Preliminary as they have not received any tablet format optimizations yet. Also, as devices are not shipping yet, we have only been able to test in the SDK emulator.

Onki input selection

Onki, an Onkyo remote app, is getting a port to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Basics are already working, but there is still work to be done.

The Jolla harbour QA did their thing and Onki 0.0.5 is now finally available in the Jolla store. Have fun!

A new version of Onki, the remote Onkyo & Integra remote control application for Jolla, is coming RSN, it is not out just yet, needing a tiny bit of polish and testing. This version comes with a lot of new features:

  • Mute on incoming call, Un-mute on hangup
  • Cover display device status & input information
  • Cover controls for more inputs (Track change)
  • Navigation controller for selected input modes (Network, USB)
  • Various sound setting toggle buttons
  • Tuner preset display active one
  • Debug logging option
  • Play/Pause/Stop controls
  • Repeat and Shuffle mode toggles
  • Various internal bug fixes, see libqiscp changelog more details on this

There is still work to be done with handling of network services, there is no way to selected other than using the cursor keys and looking at the display panel or TV connected to the receiver. Also support for controlling external devices, TVs, CD players, etc is still work in progress. One problem is that my TV seems to respon only to Volume Up/Down and Power-off so testing is a bit difficult. And I don't have a CD player connected so no way to test that either.

Very basic Zone handling is there, haven't really changed from the previous version. You select an input for other zones but controlling a specific zone is not yet implemented. I haven't decided yet what would be the best way to implement the UI for that that would be nicely swipey.

Anyway, stay tuned for the release of 0.0.4