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15/05/2015 - 13:10
BlackBerry 10

fkLeffa makes it easy to browse available movies in selected theaters in Finland, Estonia, Malta, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.

It provides quick access to movies showing today and on selected dates. Upcoming movies can also be browsed with easy calendar access to add reminders of premieres. You can also quickly add showtimes to your device calendar and reminders about upcoming movies. Remember to invite your friends to join you!

A dynamic cover is also provided that shows upcoming movies for you.

Supported movie theaters & chains

  • Finland: Finnkino chain
  • Estonia: Coca-Cola Plaza, Kino Ekraan, Kino Astri and Kino Artis
  • Latvia: Forum Cinemas chain
  • Lithuania: Forum Cinemas chain
  • Malta: Eden Cinemas
  • Iceland: SAMb√≠√≥