We started a new project a while back, a ATEM switcher remote control application for Linux. It started first as just a proof of concept and is now slowly evolving to something actually usable. The basic switching operations are there, preview/program cut and streaming/recording control. At first we only had access to the ATEM switcher at work so development was a bit slow, but now we can locally work with a ATEM Mini Pro. We are already some nice extra ideas, for example tally information over MQTT or CAN bus, animated lower thirds with QtQuick, video/music/effect playback. But more details about those later.

The application uses Qt and QtQuick, the ATEM network protocol is handled by libqatemcontrol (customized with better QtQuick integration and adding new features), the UI is QtQuick based. It should run on desktop Linux and has successfully been used on a Raspberry Pi with the official touch screen.

64-bit ARMv8 CPU on Raspberry Pi 4

The Qt 5.15.2 build guide has now been updated with details about building for the 64-bit variant of Raspberry Pi OS.

There are some small differences, you must use the Mesa VC4 driver for EGLFS and build with the correct Qt platform build setting. Details are now explained in the updated build tutorial.

Raspberry Pi 4 closeup

Sorry for the long delay, life came in the way and all kinds of non-geek stuff. Anyway, a new Qt 5.15.2 LTS specific tutorial has now been released and also a separate guide on how to build QtWebEngine. The older 5.12.10 tutorial was also cleaned up in case you would like to stay on that version. The new QtWebEngine tutorial can also be used with 5.12.10.

Quite often when there is some nice API for something, the obvious application type seem to be a mobile application or somekind of web site/app. That is all quite nice and all but sometimes you just need a simple tool. Probably most Linux (or unix) user spend most of their time in a terminal so why not make some tiny command line utilities instead ? My latest little project is all about the command line.

Tools to query Turku Region public transport data from the command line, fast and much more efficient than opening a browser, finding the site and all that. For now there are two tools:

  • one for the bike rental system showing real-time statistics about bike availability at the stations
  • and one for real-time bus stop departure information

These tools are simple and compact, written in C with a little help from curl and json-c. And of course everything is open source and on github.

Android Beacon scanner results

I'm in a need to test Blueooth LE beacon functionality on both desktop and tiny Linux systems (Raspberry Pi mostly). Looking around there where a lot of shell scripts or python scripts, that just run hcitool and hciconfig to do the actualy work. And none of them supports more that setting-and-forgetting, no support for any other frame types. So I started a little project to create a small beacon utility written in C that would support other frames types, switching the advertising data from time to time. It works quite well already but needs a bit of cleanup and proper configuration handling.

Please take a look and help out if you like, sources are up on github.

Raspberry Pi 3 closeup

Various Raspberry Pi related tutorials has been updated and fixed. There is now a new tutorial for building Qt on Raspbian Stretch, a QtQuick example and various updates to the 64-bit tools and kernel build tutorials.