Retropin - Space

Retro-style pinball game, launch the moon and hope you score as much as possible! There are no flippers to care about, just let the moon bounce around and hope to get it into a score hoop.
Gravity might help you, tilt your phone to steer the moon a bit.

Games modes

There are two play modes, Arcade and Free. In Arcade mode you start with 3 moons and if you get enough points, you earn a new moon. Scores in arcade mode are saved. In Free mode you can play as long as you like, but scores are not saved.

How to play

Swipe down on the right when the indicator is bright. Let go and the moon will fly away. Hope that it is catched by the score hoops. Try to hit as many hoop pins to multiple hoop score.

Downloads available

Downloads are available for Nokia N9, Nokia Symbian Belle and BlackBerry 10 devices.