ATEM Switcher application for Linux

ATEM Mini Pro

We started a new project a while back, a ATEM switcher remote control application for Linux. It started first as just a proof of concept and is now slowly evolving to something actually usable. The basic switching operations are there, preview/program cut and streaming/recording control. At first we only had access to the ATEM switcher at work so development was a bit slow, but now we can locally work with a ATEM Mini Pro. We are already some nice extra ideas, for example tally information over MQTT or CAN bus, animated lower thirds with QtQuick, video/music/effect playback. But more details about those later.

The application uses Qt and QtQuick, the ATEM network protocol is handled by libqatemcontrol (customized with better QtQuick integration and adding new features), the UI is QtQuick based. It should run on desktop Linux and has successfully been used on a Raspberry Pi with the official touch screen.