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Work on the ATEM Video mixer applications has gotten up to speed, there is now initial support for other models than just the Mini. One of the major new features that is in progress is a SuperSource editor.

See the screenshot below for a sneak peak.

A new version of Qt 5.15 series was released 04.01.2023 and the Qt 5.15 build tutorial has been updated to reflect the new release.

The Qt 5.15 build tutorial has been updated to reflect the new release, 5,15.7. This release is the latest version in Qt 5.15 branch, 5.15.7, that was released in 28.10.2022.

First of all, there does exist various community efforts for using the Elgato Stream Deck under Linux, the USB protocol has been reverse engineered and it is quite simple to get key presses. There are various userland libraries and some UI applications.

We started a new project a while back, a ATEM switcher remote control application for Linux. It started first as just a proof of concept and is now slowly evolving to something actually usable. The basic switching operations are there, preview/program cut and streaming/recording control.

The Qt 5.15.2 build guide has now been updated with details about building for the 64-bit variant of Raspberry Pi OS.

Sorry for the long delay, life came in the way and all kinds of non-geek stuff. Anyway, a new Qt 5.15.2 LTS specific tutorial has now been released and also a separate guide on how to build QtWebEngine.

A new version of the Qt 5.15 series was just released, version 5.15.1, with over 400 bugs fixes and improvments. As the 5.15 is an LTS  branch no new features are added anymore.

Quite often when there is some nice API for something, the obvious application type seem to be a mobile application or somekind of web site/app. That is all quite nice and all but sometimes you just need a simple tool.

The tutorial on building Qt 5.10 on Raspberry Pi has been tested and checked, added more details on optional packages and a workaround for issues with Broadcom OpenGL librarie filenames on default installations.

A small update to RetroPlayer is now available for download in BlackBerry World. It fixes a crash bug on loading of modules and adds next/prev song actions for favorites list. Enjoy!

An update to 2.0 branch is on the way to the Playbook, it seems to be going a bit slow on the QA side of things, I did the submisson already about two weeks ago. I get that PlayBook apps is probably not high on the priority list but still, it has usually gone pretty fast.