Onki 0.0.4 & 0.0.5

Onki 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 was released. Had to do a quick 0.0.5 release directly after 0.0.4 as it didn't pass the harbour QA, hope they are happy with 0.0.5. Onki 0.0.5 is available now in OpenRepos and hopefully soon in Jolla store.

New features per released versions:


  • Remember last used device
  • Make Mute on call configurable
  • Pre-discover devices on start
  • Add Power-on on connect option


  • Cover display device status & input information
  • Navigation controller for selected input modes (Network, USB)
  • Various sound setting toggle buttons
  • Tuner preset display active one
  • Debug logging option
  • Play/Pause/Stop controls
  • Repeat/Shuffle toggle buttons
  • Various internal bug fixes