Cute Production

A video production helper for use with mainly ATEM Mini switchers for keying information to the video feed and/or the talent. The information can be used for upstream keying as a chroma keying background or downstream keying as an overlay.

Network is not required in any way, no cloud or anything like that. Runs fully on your own system.

Open and built on Qt and QtQuick

The application is fully open source, GPLv3, built on Qt and QtQuick (5.15) so runs on pretty much anything, Linux (Desktop, Raspberry Pi, etc), Windows and macOS.


You will obviously need Qt and also a couple of extra libraries, qtmqtt for MQTT support, libcommuni for IRC support.

  • Qt 5.15 (or Qt 6.5 if using qt6 branch)
  • qtmqtt
  • libcommuni

What about porting to Qt 6 ?

Qt 5 is considered to be obsolete and support upstream has ended. Porting of CuteProduction to Qt 6.5 is ongoing, most features are starting to be ready and functional. Unfortunately there are some show stoppers in Qt 6 at this time, mainly when running under Windows:

  • Media sources from the network, under Windows does not work with ffmpeg backend (should have been fixed in 6.5.1, but isn't)
  • Video input has issues under both Linux & Windows with ffmpeg backend.

Current features:

  • Separate control, output window and teleprompt windows
  • Separate Alpha/Mask key output window (beta)
  • Current time, Clock (align top/bottom/left/right/middle)
  • Counter timers up/down (align top/bottom/left/right/middle)
  • Teleprompt scroller in separate window, with clock, timer and message to talent
  • Animated lower thirds with primary & secondary text
    • Full width or half size
    • Support for animation in from left or right side
    • Can display two at the same time
    • Import XML data to lower thirds list
  • News display with support for support for importing RSS XML feeds (file or URL)
    • News ticker
    • News panel, with QR Code for URL
  • Message for talent/audience
  • Chat style message boxes left/right
    • IRC as source
    • MQTT as source
  • QR Code display (align top/bottom/left/right/middle)
  • Particle animations
    • Snow effect only at this time
  • Media display, both camera/video input and playback
    • Supported formats depend on Qt platform support (gstreamer on Linux for example)
    • Two separate media outputs, one for playback and one for input
    • Supports resizing and positions with animation between positions
  • Hyperdeck protocol support for triggering media playback from ATEM switchers (beta)
  • Main background can be green, blue or black for both chroma or luma keying.
    • Custom color or static image is also supported.

Planned features

  • Theme/profiles
    • Colors, fonts face/size/etc, media lists, news ticker, etc
  • Support for multiple outputs, so same program can used for both upstream and downstream keying
  • Saving/Loading media playlists
  • Saving/Loading ticker items
  • Saving/Loading lower thirds
  • MQTT support for realtime sources (for example, display information from an IoT devices, etc)
  • ATEM Video mixer integration
  • Stream Deck integration
  • Image slideshow
  • Scripting support, perhaps LUA
  • Remote operation (Interface on desktop, output from say a couple of Raspberry Pis)
  • Remote Teleprompt trough a browser in some way, web sockets, webassembly ?

Wishful thinking

  • 3D Studio environment for virtual studio chroma keying using QtQuick3D
  • Using 3D physics for animations