Cute Production

Last modified: 
19/07/2022 - 15:46

A video production helper for use with ATEM Mini switchers for keying information to the video feed and/or the talent.

Built on Qt/QtQuick so runs on Linux (Desktop, Raspberry Pi, etc), Windows and OS X.

Current features:

  • Separate control, output window and teleprompt windows
  • Current time, Clock
  • Count up timer
  • Count down timer
  • Telepromt scroller in separate window
  • Animated lower thirds with primary & secondary text
  • Import xml data to lower thirds list
  • News ticker, support for importing RSS XML feeds
  • Message for talent/audience
  • Chat style message boxes left/right
  • Animations
  • Media playback (video, stream)
  • Green, blue or black background for both chroma or luma keying

Planned features

  • Hyperdeck protocol support for media playback
  • Separate Alpha key output
  • Various settings for colors, fonts face/size/etc
  • Saving/Loading media playlists
  • Saving/Loading ticker items
  • Saving/Loading lower thirds
  • MQTT support
  • Stream Deck integration
  • Use various chat networks for message overlays (IRC)
  • Image(s)

Wishful thinking

  • 3D Studio environment for chroma keying