Teams Live Attendee report graphs

This collection of simple shell script, a bit of duckdb SQL and gnuplot that generates some nice, and simple summary graphs of Microsoft Teams Live attendance by extracting data from the Attendee Report CSV that you can download from the Teams after the event is over.

Currently generates graphs for

  • Attendance, Joins and Leaving over time (1 minute buckets), max amount attendees
  • Attendee domains with counts

As an extra you will also get csv files of the above for any extra analysis.


Qt desktop application for controlling TP-Link Tapo cameras. Tested with C200 and C310 only.

More information, git repo, etc TBA later.

Cute Production

A video production helper for use with mainly ATEM Mini switchers for keying information to the video feed and/or the talent. The information can be used for upstream keying as a chroma keying background or downstream keying as an overlay.

Network is not required in any way, no cloud or anything like that. Runs fully on your own system.

Open and built on Qt and QtQuick

The application is fully open source, GPLv3, built on Qt and QtQuick (5.15) so runs on pretty much anything, Linux (Desktop, Raspberry Pi, etc), Windows and macOS.