Wireless Bus Stop Display

Your very own Bus Stop display. WiFi connected so only power is required. Took part in a competition, take a look at demo video and submissions presentation.

ESP8266 based wireless buss stop display

Components needed:

  • ESP8266 module with available i2c IO
  • i2c connected 20x4 character LCD display
  • DS1307 i2c RTC (Optional)

The system connects to a MQTT broker and listens to a stop specific topic. The displayed stop can be set using any browser by browsing to kotibussi.local if mDNS is used, or directly to the device IP address (displayed when connected).

WiFi setup is currently hard coded, see wifisetup.h to setup your WiFi connection settings. The display itself does not poll the SIRI service, instead a MQTT broker is used to get updates pushed to the display. Currently the data is JSON, but might be more size optimized in the future.

A backend takes care of polling the data and serving it trough MQTT.

A bit of history

WBSD is an evolution of a previous, demo concept KotiBussi, that was based on the Arduino platform.

Data used

For now the ony supported area is Turku, data from TSJL. Unfortunately the data provided by TSJL is not perfect, position monitoring it seems is done only when the bus stops, not from real GPS information. And if the bus doesen't stop regularly the time to arrivals will be off, or not updated at all.

Bugs & Todo

  • Handle destinations with longs names properly
  • Figure out a way to display ÅÄÖ, for now we just translitare to AAO
  • Screen refresh without blinking using a buffer
  • Stop IDs are not validated, figure out a way to provide a list of stops instead of free text input