Build QtCreator 10.0.0 on Raspberry Pi OS

Qt Creator welcome screen, listing example Qt projects

This tutorial will explain how to build a native QtCreator 10.0.0 to run on a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian Bullseye, using Qt 6.5 or later.

Qt Creator is a cross-platform C++, JavaScript and QML integrated development environment which simplifies GUI application development.

First steps


Build and install Qt 6.5.0 or later


First you need to various build tool and of course build Qt 6.5 for your Raspberry Pi, follow this Qt build tutorial for instructions on how to install required packages and building of Qt 6.

Install required packages

Qt Creator needs a couple of extra packages that the install of Qt 6.5 does not. Install them with apt:

apt install liblitehtml-dev patchelf


Build QtCreator 10.0

Next we will download, unpack and configure the Qt Creator build.

Download QtCreator source archive


Unpack the QtCreator sources from the archive

tar xf qt-creator-opensource-src-10.0.0.tar.xz

Configure the QtCreator build

Run cmake against the sources. We will assume that Qt 6.5.0 is installed in /opt/Qt/6.5.0-aarch64 (and if not, adjust the path for your installation)

mkdir qbuild-qtcreator
cd qbuild-qtcreator
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -G Ninja -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/opt/Qt/6.5.0-aarch64 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH_USE_LINK_PATH=TRUE ../qt-creator-opensource-src-10.0.0

Compile QtCreator

Next start the compilation. This will take a while

cmake --build . --parallel 4

Install QtCreator

Next install the just built QtCreator, you can use whatever path you like, I prefer installing custom software under /opt beside any Qt installations, feel free to adjust.

cmake --install . --prefix /opt/Qt/QtCreator-10.0.0

Note: Installation of QtCreator is not absolutely required, it can be run from the build directory.

Run QtCreator

You should now be able to start QtCreator with (running under X11):

/opt/Qt/QtCreator-10.0.0/bin/qtcreator -platform xcb

You can also run it without X11, in that case just run without the platform parameter:

/opt/Qt/QtCreator-10.0.0/bin/qtcreator -platform eglfs