ASUS PCI SC-200 SCSI Supporting Diskette


       ROOT : One README file introduces the content of this disk.              
       ÃÄÄÄDOS : NCR SCSI drivers for DOS, WINDOWS, ASPI... etc.                
       ÃÄÄÄSCO_UNIX : A README file for NCR SCSI SCO_UNIX driver only. The      
       ³              SCO UNIX driver is in another UNIX formated diskette.        
       ÃÄÄÄUTILS : Low_level format program for HDD
       ÃÄÄÄOS2 : NCR SCSI drivers for OS/2                                      
       ÃÄÄÄWINNT31 : NCR SCSI drivers for WINDOWS_NT Rev 3.1                         
       ÃÄÄÄWINNT35 : NCR SCSI drivers for WINDOWS_NT Rev 3.5
       ÀÄÄÄNETWARE : NCR SCSI drivers for Novell Netware v3.X/4.x 

ASUS PCI SC-200 Supporting Diskette, NCR SCSI drivers

NCR Microelectronic Products Division is providing the enclosed SCSI Device Management System (SDMS) 3.0 drivers electronically for your convenience.  However, this does not imply technical support on the part of NCR should any problems arise during the use or operation of these drivers.  For the following reasons, NCR highly recommends that you contact either the place where you purchased your system or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of your system motherboard for technical issues pertaining to SDMS:

  • NCR works with its OEM customers to correct any anomalies that may occur within the complex interaction of the operating    system, driver, BIOS and hardware.  Your OEM is most aware of     these interactions and would be the one most capable of    diagnosing a problem and, if necessary, working with NCR to   correct it.  It is the experience of NCR that what appears to be    a SCSI problem often is not and is indeed a system or software    installation problem.
  • By contacting the OEM for support, you will be assured of receiving the latest SDMS BIOS and drivers that have been    verified, certified, and licensed by your OEM on that OEM's    hardware platform.

Drivers are being provided for the following operating systems:

  • DOS
  • OS/2
  • Novell NetWare
  • Windows NT