Avance Logic ALS100 Windows NT driver disk

Avance Logic ALS100/007 Sound System Software Installation and Setup Version:ALS10.A1.10

                Avance Logic ALS100/007 Sound System   
                  Software Installation and Setup

Windows NT installation procedure for ALS100/007:

1. Insert the "ALS100/007 Windows NT Drivers and Utilities" diskette
   DRIVER, choose "OK".  While installing, "Driver Exists" warning message
   will appear and will ask to keep the old "midimap.cfg" or re-install.
   Please choose re-install, or else midi will not function properly.

3. Install the ALSRACK player by running the Setup.exe file
   under the Windows NT Program Manager.  This will create the Avance Sound Program
   Group with the ALSRACK utility icon.  

ALSRACK for ALS100/007
1.   Structure and components:
     The ALSRACK consists of a MIXER control panel, MIDI panel, WAVE panel,
     and CD panel.
1.1  To enable or disable a panel:
     Clicking the mouse button on the MIDI, WAVE, or CD in MIXER control panel
     will cause the corresponding panel to disappear, another click will cause the
     corresponding panel to re-appear.
1.2  To change a channel:
     Click channel LEFT or RIGHT button to change to the channel you want.
1.3  To activate volume and balance control:
     Change to the channel you want (see 1.2), then click up or down arrow buttons
     to change the volume, or click balance LEFT or RIGHT arrow buttons to change balance.
1.4  To mute system:
     Change to the channel you want, then click MUTE check mark to disable sound,
     click again to re-enable sound.

2.   MIDI panel
2.1  To open or close a MIDI file:
     Click the button of the MIDI sign on the MIDI panel, choose OPEN to open a
     MIDI file, or choose CLOSE to close a file.
2.2  Auto repeat and show information:
     Click the button of the MIDI sign on MIDI panel.  Clicking on AUTO REPEAT or
     SHOW INFORMATION will enable or disable the selection. When AUTO REPEAT is
     selected, the MIDI file will be played again when it reaches the end.
     When SHOW INFORMATION is selected, the MIDI window will open and the
     information from the MIDI file will appear on the MIDI window. When a MIDI
     file is opened, you can also click the MIDI window to show the information of
     that file.
2.3  Other operations:
     When a MIDI file is opened, you can click PLAY to play it, or click PAUSE,
     STOP, FF or RW to manipulate the selection. You can also use the volume control
     buttons on the MIDI panel to control the volume directly.

3.   WAVE panel
3.1  Select TAPE I or TAPE II to playback:
     There are two TAPE boxes on the WAVE panel. TAPE I can only play wave
     files. TAPE II can play and record wave files. There is one set of
     control buttons on the right of WAVE panel. When Tape I is selected,
     the control buttons will take effect for TAPE I. When Tape II is selected,
     the control buttons will work for TAPE II. Click the button
     TAPEI/TAPEII to select between TAPEI or TAPEII, or push the button TAPEI
     PLAYBACK on TAPE I box to select TAPE I, while pushing the button TAPEII REC/PLAY
     on TAPE II box to select TAPEII.

Note: When you want to playback a wave file, you need to select TAPE I/TAPE II first.

3.2  Open a wave file to play:
     Push the OPEN button, select OPEN on the menu, select a wave
     file to play. When the wave file is opened, the TAPE containing the
     file is automatically selected, just push the PLAY button to play it.
3.3  Record a wave file:
     Push the button REC.INPUT to select the input media (Line in, MIDI,
     Audio CD, or MIC), then push the the button OPEN on TAPE II and select NEW
     to create a new wave file.  The TAPEII indicator will be red to show it
     is waiting to record.  Play the source media, and push recording button on TAPEII
     to begin recording. When finished recording, push the record button (now it is a
     red square) to stop.  After finished, save the file as the name you specified.     
3.4  Synchronous recording (record and play simultaneously):
     After selecting an INPUT media and new wave file for recording, push button
     SYNC.REC to begin a synchronous recording. The mixer will automatically
     play the source file and begin recording at the same time.

4.   CD
4.1  EDIT and Program:
     Push EDIT to select which tracks (selections on the CD) to play
     and add it to the Playlist. Then click the Program button to play the selected tracks.
4.2  Random play:
     The Random button plays tracks in a random order.
4.3  Repeat:
     To repeat one track of a CD, select the track and push the repeat button one time.
     A single repeat signal will appear in the CD player window.       
     To repeat the full CD, push the repeat button 2 times.
     A full repeat signal will appear in the CD player window.