PCI HomeVideo Install Disk Version 2.31

PCI HomeVideo Install Disks for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1x - Version 2.31


Release Note
The following are updated in this version.
1. Improve in general compatibility.
2. Improve of video quality.
3. Removed of SECAM support from software because Tuner do not support SECAM.
4. Remove one bug that will cause fatal error in Quick Setup.
5. README file has been enhanced.

Compatibility Notes
The PCI video capture card requires an available 32-bit PCI slot that
supports PCI bus mastering. Check the motherboard manual to ensure that
the PCI slot supports PCI bus mastering capability. PCI bus mastering
allows transfer of data directly to the system's memory, hard disk, or
the VGA graphics memory without CPU intervention or loading. This PCI
mastering capability uses less CPU resource utilization thus give you
the best performance in video capturing or conferencing. Based on the
intensive compatibility testing, it was identified that most PC system
based on Intel, SiS & VIA motherboard chipsets work great, whereas there
are others which uses the ALi chipsets (like Acer Aspire II) or OPTi
chipsets that may not work properly.

With the additional integration of audio recording function built-in on
this PCI video card, video conferencing applications that can support this
will perform and work much better than a separate sound card. Audio
synchronization with video is no longer a problem like what most others
do. This feature is more important for video/audio capturing or
conferencing applications.

This PCI video capture card works well in the two viewing modes, namely
preview and overlay.  Overlay mode is a visual mode of two pictures
superimposed or merged together. During overlay mode, our PCI video
capture card allows video data streams to be captured directly to the
graphics cards. On the other end, in the preview mode, the captured
video utilizes the CPU resources to display the video on the screen.
Due to the high performance and less CPU utilization of this card, the
difference between both modes is not so significant any more. This provides
you an edge because most video conferencing applications still rely
heavily on preview mode.

Note: as from ver2.31, the default viewing mode has been changed to
preview mode. However, the user can still change the viewing mode to
overlay if the user's system configuration is compatible. Use the Quick
Setup application to change.

This PCI requires a PCI graphics card that supports linear memory
addressing to work side by side. Most newly introduced PCI VGA card has
support for linear memory addressing. For a full screen and full motion
video capture, different VGA card will perform differently. Not all cards
are created equal and if your results are different from the results
shown here, don't be alarm. There are still some older versions of VGA
cards like MGA ATHENA, Hercules Dynamite and S3 that do not support
overlay mode. With the intelligent software algorithm embedded in our
driver, this allows it auto-detect and select the appropriate viewing
mode available on the VGA cards.
The following graphics cards were tested with good results on our PCI
video capture card:

Manufacturer & Model            Chipsets                        Preview
ATI Expression                  ATI Mach 64                     Yes
Cirrus Logic on Compaq &
Packard Bell PCs                CL-GD3534                       Yes
Diamond Speedstar               Cirrus Logic GD5430             Yes
Diamond Stealth 64              S3 86c868c                      Yes
Diamond Stealth 64 2001         ARK 2000 PV                     Yes
Diamond Stealth 64+             S3 86c765 Trio 64V+             Yes
Number Nine Image 128           Cirrus Logic 80QC               Yes
Paradise Bahamas64              S3 86C764                       Yes
Paradise Bali32                 ARK 1000                        Yes
Paradise Bali64                 ARK 2000                        Yes
STB Power Graph 32              S3 86C732-p                     Yes
STB Velocity 64 PCI             S3 86C968-p                     Yes
Trident on IBM Aptiva           Trident TGUI 9680               Yes
Cirrus Logic OEM                CL-GD5430                       Yes
Cirrus Logic OEM                CL-GD5436                       Yes
MGA OEM                         MGA PG IS-STORM R2 9613EU03     Yes
S3 OEM                          S3 Trio 64 86C764-p             Yes
S3 OEM                          S3 Trio 64V+ 86C765             Yes
S3 OEM                          S3 ViRGE 86C325                 Yes
Trident OEM                     Trident TGUI 9680               Yes
Matrox Mystique                 MGA                             Yes
Matrox Millennium               MGA                             Yes
Matrox MGA Impression Plus      MGA                             Yes
Hercules Dynamite               Tseng W32P                      Yes
Tseng OEM                       Tseng Lab ET4000/W32P           Yes
Cirrus Logic OEM                CL-GD5434                       Yes
OPTi OEM                        OPTI 82C264                     Yes
S3 OEM                          S3 Version 864                  Yes
ALi OEM                         ALi ALG2302A                    Yes
MGA OEM                         MGA PG IS-ATHENA R1 1948        Yes

IMPORTANT NOTE: For unbranded VGA cards (for example those using the
S3 chipset), the original S3 OEM driver SHOULD always be used for
graphics card set-up, DO NOT USE Windows 95 supplied S3 drivers. It is an
old version. The OEM manufacturers have modified their driver to suit
their cards for optimize compatibility.

Software Compatibility
Below is a list of application software found compatible with our PCI
video capture card.

Software                                Application                    Comment
Video for Windows (16 bit)              Video capture                   Pass
Video for Windows (32 bit)              Video capture                   Pass
Microsoft Netmeeting with Video         Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass*
VDOnet VDOPhone                         Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass
CU-SEE-ME                               Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass*
Intel Video Phone                       Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass*
V-Phone                                 Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass*
Smith Micro VideoLink H324              Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass
Vocaltec Internet Phone v4.5            Audio/Video Conferencing        Pass*
Ulead Video Suite 2.0/2.5               Video Capturing/Editing         Pass
Ulead Media Studio                      Video Capturing/Editing         Pass
Asymetrix Digital Video Producer v.4.0  Video Capturing/Editing         Pass
Adobe Premiere                          Video Capturing/Editing         Pass
SeeMail for Windows                     VideoMail                       Pass
VideoMail by SysTech                    VideoMail                       Pass

NOTE: For Audio capturing to be done through this PCI video card, you are
required to manually change your default audio recording devices to the
"PCI audio recording device". In Windows 95, you can do that under Control
Panel-Multimedia. Make sure you set this device to the preference device.
In Windows 3.1x, you do that under Control Panel-Sound Mapper. Also make
sure you set this device to the preference device.

Pass* For some Audio/Video Conferencing software, it may not utilise
the audio recording from this PCI video card. These audio/video
conferencing software was written originally to support only sound card
devices. Therefore, it cannot utilise the audio recording from this video
capture card. VDOPhone was tested and found to work with our PCI video card
utilising the PCI audio capture driver.

Some of the known problems encountered during compatibility test:

Know Problem:    Line Updating
Occurrence:      Full Screen
Symptoms:        Lines appear in fast motion video
Possible Causes: Hardware Limitation

Know Problem:    Window Refreshing
Occurrence:      Depends on VGA
Symptoms:        Your VGA screen contains trace of video graphic
Possible Causes: VGA compatibility issues

Know Problem:    Menu Font Destroyed
Occurrence:      Depends on VGA
Symptoms:        Problem in font display
Possible Causes: VGA compatibility issues

Know Problem:    Self-View Video black-out
Occurrence:      Rarely
Symptoms:        Cannot see video
Possible Causes: VGA compatibility issues

If you have any comments, please let us know.

- End -