RealPlayer 4.01 32-bit

System Requirements - Windows 95 and Windows NT

System and hardware requirements:

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 or later
  • 2 MB free on your hard disk
  • A Windows-compatible sound card is recommended (but not required)
  • CPU: 486/66 DX minimum/Pentium or faster recommended
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Modem or other Internet Connection - 14.4 minimum/28.8 or faster recommended

RealPlayer 4.0 program is installed in the C:\REAL\PLAYER directory, unless you specify otherwise. The installation also installs several system files into the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory of your hard drive.

Playback Quality

Files are transmitted to RealPlayer 4.0 in RealAudio or RealVideo format. For optimal video quality and performance your monitor should be set to 16-bit (thousands) or 24-bit (millions).

Windows Only: By default, the Player produces 16-bit 8 kHz sound. If you hear garbled audio then you can change the kind of sound the RealPlayer program produces. To change the kind of sound produced, select Preferences from the View menu. Select the Advanced tab.

Please note that to receive 28.8 Kbps content you should have at least a 19.2 Kbps connection to your Internet Service Provider. Using a 19.2 Kbps connection you may hear slight gaps in the audio.

Dial-up users should be sure to keep the network connection preference as UDP (the default). In TCP mode, no audio packets are lost, but their arrival may be late enough to cause gapping in the audio. TCP mode is useful when you are directly connected (via a local area network) to the Internet.