Bluetooth beacon

A compact Bluetooth LE Eddystone beacon implementation in pure C for Linux. It supports broadcasting of URL, UID and TLM Eddystone frames.


  • Supports setting of custom NID and BID in hex, for example: 0x0123456789 0xABCDEF
  • UID can not be set
  • Add AltBeacon
  • Add iBeacon
  • Requires root (run with sudo or use setcap (run: make setcap))
  • Pure C
  • hci0 only

Tested on

  • Desktop Linux with BLE supporting Bluetooth adapters
  • Tested on and working on Raspberry Pi 3
  • Tested on and working on Jolla C


  • beacon url-without-protocol [NID BID]



Android Beacon scanner results