Onki - Onkyo & Integra remote controll application

Onki is a Onkyo and Integra A/V receiver remote controll application for SailfishOS/Jolla and BlackBerry 10 devices.

Onki for Sailfish OS is available for download in the Jolla store and in OpenRepos for free.

Onki for all BlackBerry 10 devices is available for download in BlackBerry World for free.

Current versions:


  • Input selection for all zones: Master & Zone 2, 3, 4
  • Audio controls:
    • Volume, Treble, Bass
    • Music optimizer toggle
    • Center and Subwoofer volume adjustment
  • Tuner control with presets support
  • Remorse timer for Power-off
  • Cover actions, input specific (Preset/Track Next/Prev) or Volume
  • Mute on incoming call
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev control
  • Track information display, if available from source (USB, Spotify, etc)

Known to work devices

All networked Onkyo devices that talk the ISCP protocol should more or less work. Some features work on selected devices only.
The following list contain devices that are known to work based on developer experience and user feedback.

Jolla version changelog: 


  • Sleep timer
  • Preliminary translations (Fi, Sv, Help needed!)
  • Debug log uploading
  • Device model tracking (Opt-out in Settings)


  • Seeking support
  • Quick access to zone selection from Input page header
  • Various internal adjustments


  • Remember last used device
  • Make Mute on call configurable
  • Pre-discover devices on start
  • Add Power-on on connect option


  • Cover display device status & input information
  • Navigation controller for selected input modes (Network, USB)
  • Various sound setting toggle buttons
  • Tuner preset display active one
  • Debug logging option
  • Play/Pause/Stop controls
  • Repeat/Shuffle toggle buttons
  • Various internal bug fixes


  • Preliminary zones support
  • Audio settings (Bass/Treble/Center/Subwoofer)
  • Tuner presets

BlackBerry version changelog


  • UI improvments
  • Device specific remote interfaces (TV, DVD/BD, Device)


  • Minor UI improvments
  • Requires OS 10.3.1


  • Improved digital tuner support
  • Quick tuner presets access
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Zones & Keypad
  • UI adjustments


  • Autoconnection at start
  • Force enabling zones when using older devices that don't report what they support


  • UI adjustments
  • Basic BBM integration
  • Use platform Now Playing features


  • Initial release


Onki input selection
Tuner presets