libqiscp, ISCP network protocol library

Onkyo and Integra ISCP network protocol library for Qt with QtQuick support. This library enabled easy control of networked A/V receivers by Onkyo and Integra from Qt and QtQuick based applications.

Current features:

  • Device discovery
  • Device details
  • All basic audio controls, Volume, Mute, Bass, Treble, Center channel volume, Subwoofer volume
  • Listening Mode and various Equalizer and filter toggles
  • Tuner control with preset support
  • Input selection
  • Support for Zone 2, 3 and 4 (Only Zone 2 has been tested)
  • Song details (Title, Artist, Album, Artwork) if available
  • Remote control commands (depending on input) (Play, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track, etc)