Y-Radio - YLE Radio application

Y-Radio is Yle radio player for SailfishOS/Jolla and BlackBerry 10 devices. It supports all YLE Radio stations, for selected stations it can also show the playlist information (playing now, playing next). Available for Jolla phone in the Jolla store and OpenRepos. A BlackBerry 10 version was available in BlackBerry World.

Note: It seems YLE HLS and RTSP streams are not available anymore. We are looking into it.

Common features

Features of BlackBerry 10 version

  • Using High-Quality streams
  • Channel selection, Play/Stop

Features of Jolla version

  • Requires Sailfish OS 2.0
  • Using High-Quality streams
  • See what song is currently playing and what comes next (for channels that supports it)
    • With optional artist art

Currently disabled or planned features

Some features had to be disabled, these are listed below:

  • Program information, old API not available anymore

Planned features:

  • Detailed artist/song information
  • Bring back program information using public API when relevant API endpoint becomes available.
  • Channel news
  • Channel podcasts