Tutorials, guides and articles

Updated: 2022-05-13
Tutorial on how to use FFMpeg to combine multiple live video sources, for example webcams, and re-stream to a video streaming service like YouTube or any other that support rtmp ingestion.
Updated: 2022-01-21
Quick tutorial on creating basic certificates for encrypted TLS connections, usable for development or other private purposes. Both self-signed and custom CA variations are described.
Updated: 2021-07-24
A quick tutorial video on how to add/replace memory on a Lenovo Z50 laptop.
Updated: 2021-04-08
How to query a Bluetooth LE bicycle Cadence and Speed sensor using gattool, the BlueZ Bluetooth Low Energy tool.
Updated: 2021-03-07
Tutorial on how to build native QtCreator 4.12.2 to run on a Raspberry Pi, against Qt 5.12 or later.
Updated: 2021-03-01
So now you have a shiny new Qt build on your Raspberry Pi. Now what ? Testing! This tutorial presents a very simple, sort-of a Hello World QtQuick applications. Start your favorite editor (nano, vi, emacs, editor-of-choice) and paste the following code into it and then save it as main.qml
Updated: 2021-01-18
How to build native Android ARM OpenCV 4.5 that can be used together with Qt 5.12 or later C++ framework on the Android platform.
Updated: 2020-11-19
A quick tutorial on how to extract private key and certificate from a PFX or PKCS #12 archive file into a format that, for example, Apache can use.
Updated: 2020-11-12
How to install OpenSSL 1.1.1 on older Linux distributions that does not provide it when working with Qt 5.12.4 or later.
Updated: 2020-03-10
Various tricks and tips for users of Raspberry Pis, mainly with Raspbian distribution. These tips and tricks grows over time.
Updated: 2019-12-10
Build OpenSSL for Qt Android on Linux with uptodate Android NDK using clang compiler. Both 1.1.1 for Qt 5.12.4 and later and 1.0.2 for older Qt versions are covered.
Updated: 2019-10-29
https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrixBuild FFmpeg packages with hardware accelerated NVIDIA encoding & decoding support. Tested on Linux Mint.