CutePocketRemote - Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera remote

A remote control applications for the desktops, Linux and Windows, for controlling Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras that support the Bluetooth low energy  protocol.

Open source, GPLv3, based on C++ and the Qt framework version 6.5 or above. UI is in QtQuick.

Tested cameras

Should work with any camera models that supports the Blackmagic Camera bluetooth protocol.

Supported desktop systems

  • Linux with bluez. Connection will trigger pairing.
  • Windows 10. Make sure you pair the camera from the Windows Bluetooth interface first, otherwise the connection will fail.
  • Windows 11. Should work, untested

Implemented functions and development

UI is a bit rough still, but you can:

  • Record, Play, Stop videos
  • Capture stills
  • Adjust frame rate (fps)
  • Adjust white balance and tint. Trigger auto white balance. Quick settings for common values.
  • Adjust aperture. Trigger auto aperture. Quick settings for common values.
  • Manual focus, slow, fast and "focus wheel".
  • Trigger auto focus.
  • Adjust shutter speed
  • Adjust ISO

Experimental features

  • Preliminary support for zoom has been added, but is untested. Author does not have access to powered zoom lenses.

Bugs, issues and todo

  • Zoom control is untested
  • Focus on 4k models does most likely not work (EF lenses use relative focus, MFT absolute).
    • Author does not have access to 4k models/MFT lenses.
  • Support for multiple cameras