Updated: 5 years 1 week ago
Work in progress QML friendly QObject wrapper and around mosquitto MQTT library.
Updated: 5 years 1 week ago
A work in progress PHP library for the Finnish broadcast company Yleisradio API.
Updated: 5 years 2 months ago
A PHP class for accessing Drupal trough the services REST API moduleSupported authentication schemes: Anonymous Session Currently supported services: User (login, index, retrieve) Nodes (index, create, retrieve, delete) Files (upload, retrieve) Only JSON response format is supported and must be enabled in services settings for this class to work.
Updated: 5 years 4 months ago
Hello GPS is a basic GPS Hello World app, showing basic GPS information. The applications main purpose is the source, showing how to access GPS data trough D-Bus from GeoClue. Why ? This was the only way to access GPS information in a harbour sanctioned way. Since update " (Äijänpäivänjärvi)" you are allowed to use the Qt provied QtLocation and QtPositioning APIs.
Updated: 5 years 5 months ago
Browse available movies on selected theaters in Finland, Estonia, Malta, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania.
Updated: 5 years 8 months ago
Gstreamer siddecfp element for playback of SID tunes with libsiddecfp.
Updated: 5 years 9 months ago
Retro-style pinball game, launch the moon and hope you score as much as possible! There are no flippers to care about, just let the moon bounce around and hope to get it into a score hoop.Gravity might help you, tilt your phone to steer the moon a bit.
Updated: 5 years 11 months ago
Data2MQTT alkoi ensin backend:inä Kotibussi projektille mutta alkoi kasvaa omaksi ideakseen. Data2MQTT tuo monen eri API rajapinnan tiedot helppokäyttöiseen MQTT rajapintaan. MQTT on siitä erillainen että sen sijaan että asiakasohjelmat tekisivät jatkuvasti pyyntöjä palveluun niin MQTT työntää muutoksia asiakasohjelmalle. Näin asiakasohjelman ei tarvitse jatkuvasti ladata tietoa joka ei...
Updated: 5 years 11 months ago
My version of a Arduino based real-time power meter, utilizing the 1000 blink/kWh LED on modern house power meters. Still in early stages of development.